Unity of three churches in one Parish

NEXT MARKET 16 th July



26 th June Carrick @ 9.30 am

3 rd July Westbury @ 9.30am [This is the last service by Rev Warwick]

10 th July Hagley @ 2pm [Induction of Rev Paul Hobby ]


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            Reverend Warwick Cuthbertson 0408 356 067


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                Parish Secretary    Mrs. Patricia Hobman 0407 575 241

            Parish Treasurer   Mrs. Jane Dent 6397 3184

            Parish Wardens     Mrs. Patricia Hobman 0407 575 241

                                             Mrs. Heather Stewart  0419 208 139

                                                        Pew Sheet items     Mr. Rob Menzie 0417 931 619  

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JUNE 2022
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Our Parish Mission Statement:

To know Christ and

To Make Him Known

Three Churches united as one Parish.



After a long and dedicated ministry to the Quamby Parish, Rev Jo has retired on December31st. We owe her a great debt of gratitude for all the years of non paid service and hope many parishioners will keep in touch with her.

Her phone numbers are 6391 1042 or 0412 202 563, her address is 28 Goderich Street, Longford. Please feel free to visit her.

Her last service was on the 26th December, 2021 at St. Andrew’s,

Carrick at 9.30am.

Untill further notice 2022 Ministry

Reverend Warwick Cuthbertson has been asked by the Diocese to provide  ministry to our Parish untill further notice as a Locum and has agreed to take on this role. Services will be held as usual at 9.30am and on the same rotation as previously. Services are listed below.





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