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The friendliest little market in Tasmania with quite an assortment of stalls.

Breakfast usually starts cooking at 8 am or thereabouts.

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Palm Sunday 2020. 5th April.

Isa.50:4-9a. Ps 31:9-18. Phil.2:5-11. Mt.26:14-27:66 or Mt.27:11-54.

Dear friends,

I am writing this to you, as we approach the celebration of Palm Sunday,2020.

It will be Palm Sunday like none other we have ever experienced in the whole history of Christianity, Palm Sunday according to Covid19. An extra ordinary time, where around the world, normal Life has been turned around on its head, most countries are living in a state of lock-down, to try and contain the spread of this terrible virus. It seems to be having the desired effect, thankfully, but so many people have already lost their lives, and the Doctors and Nurses and supporting workers in hospitals, are risking theirs’s daily, as they look after the sick. It is imperative that we all play our part in self-isolation to stop this endemic. Never, even in war time, have the churches been closed, but we are fighting a very different enemy, we are fighting a VIRUS. An enemy we can only see down a microscope, and it is necessary that we practice isolation to stop the spread of infection.

Sadly, we will not to be able to enact 'The Liturgy of the Passion' this year, or decorate our churches with palms, I am hoping to have the little palm crosses, I have bought some envelopes, so please ring me with your postal addresses, so I can send them to you, just another important way to connect That will be nice for me as well.  I will look forward to speaking with you all.

Our Gospel reading is very long this time, Matthew 26:14-27:66 as it covers the Passion of Jesus and all the events we remember in Holy week. Maybe  it would be good for us all to dust off our Bibles and have a quiet read,  whilst we have extra time to spend, in our isolation, ' and really ponder on the enormous sacrifice Our Lord made for us, in His crucifixion and death, and the price he paid for the sins of the whole world, that we might be forgiven. When one really thinks about it, in detail, just reading it, it becomes almost too hard to bear.

Remembering how we shared our Advent study and how we felt that we were all reading it together, why don't we all try and make a commitment to read Morning prayer this week. Robert has listed all the readings in the pew sheet this week. There will be a few hard copies of the latter available I think. Anything we can do to stay connected with each other will help us all survive the isolation.

I am going to try and film a small service each week in the church. in the meantime, stay home and stay safe, and pray for yourselves and each other, and remember we have our Lord and Saviour to rely on at all times and in all situations.

May God bless you all and all those that you love.

 I am as close as the phone, and do not hesitate to call.

Revd. Jo.